Working towards a plastic free company

Our aim as a company is to work towards being completely plastic free. This is why we use as many biodegradable or recyclable products as possible. 

For our shipping with have swapped from bubble wrap which is most commonly used by many and use paper alternatives. These include flexi hex sleeves for our candles when shipping which does not compromise on ensuring your candles arrive safely and in one piece. On occasion we will also use dissolvable peanuts most commonly made from cornstarch.

Even our labels are not made from plastic. Instead we have chosen a plastic look label that is actually made from wood pulp. They do not compromise on quality but they are compostable and recyclable.

Our wax melts are packaged in Glassine backs. These are recyclable and also plastic free. 

We will always endeavour to do more to achieve our goal and continue to always adapt to be plastic free 

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