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Coconut Wax the more natural and eco-conscience choice

Reason 1: It is Environmentally Friendly. When compared to other waxes it has one of the cleanest burns. With this it produces nearly zero soot. Coconut is considered as sustainable for using more organic and renewable materials making minimal environmental impact. It is also biodegradable

Reason 2 : Slow Burning. Coconut wax is known to burn slower and therefore lasts longer than its counterparts in waxes. With this it has the ability to retain scent for longer giving you a more consistent aroma to the end.

Reason 3 : Amazing Scent throw. Going back to Reason #2 This wax also has the ability to throw scents well too. Basically, this means that these candles boost the specific aroma throughout your home quickly and more consistently

Reason 4 : Many other types of waxes require mass production which unfortunately destroys the environment and leads to a natural decline. Paraffin wax and palm wax are particularly known for their unsustainable production process. The coconut wax candle, however, isn’t associated with deforestation.

Reason 5 : A further pro of coconut wax candles is that coconut oil doesn’t need to be genetically modified. This is great news as the wax is biodegradable and considered as natural.


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